Three Animal Fables


A tortoise and a mallard are walking a cobblestone road in the old town. The mallard turns to the tortoise and asks "So, how am I to come out of my shell?" "I'd prefer to duck that question entirely!" replies the tortoise.


Mr. and Mrs. Badger were sitting down to breakfast on a sunday morning. Suddenly there came a loud pounding at the door. Mr. Beaver stood outside beating with all his might but the Badgers couldn't be bothered bearing boring Beaver beating at breakfast.


Mr. Mole and Mr. Vole shared an acute apartment on the sunny side of the east river. Mr. Mole worked days and Mr. Vole worked nights. On waking for work Mole lit the lamp while Vole slept on the other side of the room. "Were I to live in the ground," snipped Vole, "A pleasant thing that would be." "And so you shall," quipped Mole, "For when comes the daylight hour I'd be better fit to climb a tree!"

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